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02-Sep-2018 01:59

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However, these scams target your mobile or landline phone instead of your computer.

If you believe you have been a victim of an internet-related crime, report it to these government authorities: Scam artists defraud millions of people each year by using internet services or software with internet access to trick victims into sending money or giving out personal information.Include the full email header of the scam message in your report.Find out how to do this by searching online for the name of your email service and the words “full email header.”Here are some ways to protect yourself from phishing scams: Similar to phishing, vishing (voice and phishing) and smishing (SMS texting and phishing) scammers also seek to steal your personal information.A scammer will instruct you to click on a link in the email or reply with your bank account number to confirm your identity or verify your account.

They will sometimes threaten to disable your account if you don't reply, but don't believe it.

The policy must be available through a link on the website's homepage and at each area where personal information is collected from kids.