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) and someone else were working on a car for DDG that resembled a coal hopper, but had the removable tarp.I'm not saying those in the picture are them, but maybe modified cars for testing purposes?Use this directory for one click access to videos, photos and traveler information provided by premier internet sites such as Flickr, Metacafe, Photo Bucket, Travelago, Virtual Tourist, You Tube and others.A friend of mine emailed me a PDF file orgionally from BNSF as part of their "Commit to Communicate" program.

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Normally the cars selected for this cross commodity carrige are among the highest quality and tightest sealing that can be found from the coal fleet.DDG is a byproduct of ethanol production and has a market, albeit at low prices, as a cattle feed.The covers prevent loss of contents and keep out precipitation and contaminates.However, in the pictures, you can see that the cars are tarped BN coalporters.

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I can't imagine that BNSF would incorrectly lable the train as a grain train or that they would have to wrong symbol.

This is the first I knew of a rotary dump for feed grains at a feed lot.