Dating singer industrial sewing machines

12-Aug-2017 00:41

As the trimming knife can be instantly thrown out of action; the machines can also be used for plain stitching when desired.

Oblique Edge Guide To protect the edge of the shoe upper from the trimming knife while the stitching and trimming is in progress, an oblique edge guide, which keeps the edge of the shoe upper out of range of the knife, is fitted to the arm of the machines.

Machine 51w56 is equipped with an oblique under-edge trimmer which trims back of the needle.

Belt Driven Rotary Hook The machines have a rotary hook which is belt driven and they are therefore smooth running and quiet in operation.

Singer sewing machines are helping people of all ages unleash their creativity, create unique garments, home furnishings and other items and enjoy the added satisfaction of having made it themselves.